My name is David Connor and I make original linocuts. I have been at it now for about 4 years and have made approximately 150 carvings. Of that 150, I have about 50 I’m pretty happy with. My inspiration comes from the things around me that I hold dear. I’m a Maine native and grew up in Cape Elizabeth. My father was a commercial fisherman and I’ve always had a strong connection to the Portland waterfront and the ocean. Many of my images involve these two things as well as other interests and hobbies I enjoy or find visually interesting.
When I’m not creating art, I teach it, along with shop classes, at a charter high school in Portland. I am a husband of almost twenty years, and a father to two teenagers. I raise chickens and ducks, I’m a keeper of bees and an avid gardener. I’ve also been a year-round surfer for the last 25 years and it is a big part of my life and focus of my art.
Most of my work are 6x6 inch blocks matted in a 10x10 inch mat. I make all of my own frames out of reclaimed hardwood that I scavenge from wherever I can find it. I have done original prints for rock bands and beer makers, surf shops and film festivals. My work has been shown in a variety of Greater Portland restaurants and stores and can be found at a gallery on Commercial street called Casco Bay Artisans.